Land Use Division

Land Use Division

The Land Use Division is divided into two sections: the Land Development Section and the Transportation Section.

Land Development

The Land Development Section provides engineering services to private development projects in the City of San Leandro. This includes a review of all subdivisions and other private developments, as well as permits for construction within public rights-of-way and grading permits. Land Development staff administers the City Sidewalk Program, Undergrounding Districts, Assessment Districts and implementation of the Urban Runoff Clean Water Program. 


The Transportation Section provides traffic engineering and transportation planning services for the City. Specifically the section is responsible for:

  • Responding to public requests regarding traffic conditions;
  • Analyzing existing traffic conditions to determine appropriate improvements;
  • Designing traffic improvements to ensure safe and efficient traffic circulation that may include signals, signs, striping, and traffic calming measures;
  • Reviewing the traffic aspects of all City and private projects;
  • Planning for future transportation improvements to meet future needs;
  • Providing City staff representation before the Congestion Management Agency; and
  • Coordinating the transportation affairs of the City with other cities and agencies, such as Caltrans.