Encroachment Permits

Encroachment Permits

Permit Counter Hours 

Permit Counter hours are as follows:

Monday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Tuesday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 12:00 pm

Friday:  By Appointment Only 

Release of New Encroachment Permit Requirements

Effective on 8/13/18 

An Encroachment permit is required when work is occurring within the public right of way.  General projects that require encroachment permits are:

  • Street improvements (pavement, curb, gutter, sidewalk)
  • Public utility installations / Fiber installation
  • Storm drain installation or connections
  • Sanitary sewer installation or connections
  • Water main installations, aqueduct encroachments
  • Monitoring wells
  • Street or sidewalk closures

What do I need to obtain an Encroachment Permit?

  • Complete and submit Encroachment Permit application
  • Supplemental Subcontractor Form (If necessary)
  • Provide site specific, Civil Engineer stamped, Traffic / Pedestrian Control Plans (Per CA MUTCD standards)
  • Ensure all contractors and sub-contractors have City Business License and current certificates of insurance on file with the city
  • Submit sewer lateral / pipe burst forms (if necessary)
  • Submit Preconstruction video (if necessary)
  • Pay Encroachment Permit fees and security deposit.

Other item may be necessary depending on the scope or work.  Please refer to the Encroachment permit requirements for more information.

 For further information regarding encroachment permit please call 510-577-3428.

To schedule an inspection, please call or email our 24-hour Inspection Hotline 510-577-3308 or etinspections@sanleandro.org


Fees / Documents effected on 7/1/19 


*Insurance Requirements  - PINS Advantage

The City of San Leandro is now using PINSAdvance.com to track Insurance Certificates and all related documents.

Survey Monument information

A survey monument is a marker that defines a geographic position on the face of the earth.  Each survey monument is permanently fixed to the land, and is often referred to in legal descriptions or maps identifying property rights.

Monuments can be found in the sidewalk, street, or at property corners.  These survey monuments are essential in maintaining the position of property lines, as well as elevation control.

Almost all field measurements performed by professional engineers and land surveyors are tied to survey monuments.  The survey monuments allow for the retracement (or mark the position) of features and legal rights on the earth's surface.  Survey monuments can also assist in monitoring earthquake activity, land subsidence, flood water studies, and GPS navigation.

California State law requires that survey monuments be protected. If a monument is disturbed for any reason, the replacement of the removed or disturbed monument will be at the expense of the person who disturbed it.  Refer to the San Leandro Municipal Code for more information.  The CA Land Surveyors Association Pamphlet also includes useful information.