Completed Projects

Completed Projects

Projects completed within the last 12 months are included in this section. Older project information is available under the Projects Completed over one year ago tab or by contacting the Engineering & Transportation Department at (510) 577-3428

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Fiber Conduit Networking Extension Project ($550k)

To promote business growth in the City, 1.3 miles of high speed communication infrastructure was added to the 8.1 miles of conduit previously installed under Phase 1 of this project.  The City applied for and acquired a $2 million grant from the United States Economic Development Agency (EDA) for installation of communications conduits into under-served industrial areas of the City. With this grant, the City has already expanded its communications network capability with the installation of over eight miles of conduit ready to receive fiber optic cable. Phase 1 of this project installed conduit along Doolittle Drive to the City border and around the Adams Avenue Tract, a loop around Marina Boulevard, Monarch Bay Drive, Fairway Drive and Catalina Street for future Shoreline service, an alignment along the Alvarado Street & Teagarden Street industrial corridors and a critical loop redundancy between City Hall and the Main Library.
Utilizing the remaining grant balance, this project added approximately 1.3 miles of additional conduit, along Washington Avenue completing a network loop between the City's Public Works Service Center and conduit in San Leandro Boulevard at Polar Way. The alignment also includes conduit to two traffic signals for future signal interconnects and conduit to the San Leandro Hospital and the Ghirardelli Chocolate properties. Construction of this project was completed in fall 2017. This project was funded by US EDA grant funds

Annual Street Sealing 2016-17 ($1.45M)

San Leandro City streets are organized into four asphalt concrete (AC) maintenance areas.  This 2017 project applied preventative surface maintenance treatments to a number of streets in south west quadrant of the City. Streets in the subject quadrant were evaluated on their condition and selected for the appropriate surface treatment.  Treatments included slurry seal, asphalt rubber chip cape seal or micro-surfacing. Construction was completed in fall 2017. A complete list of streets can be found here. This project was made possible with Gas Tax and Measure B funds. Additional funding is also provided through a grant from CalRecycle  and from the  California Motor Vehicle Registration Fee Program.  

This project along with the Annual Street Sealing 2015-16 Project were partially funded through a Rubberized Pavement Grant from CalRecycle for the use of rubberized chip sealing, which contains ground up recycled tires.  An estimated 6,534 waste tires were diverted from California landfills as a result of the rubberized chip sealing used on both projects.


Annual Overlay/Rehabilitation Project 2015-2016

A contract was awarded for the Annual Overlay Rehabilitation 2015-16 in fall 2016 and construction was complete in October 2017. This project rehabilitated sections of sixteen city streets in need of repair (the full list of streets rehabilitated as a part of this project can be found here).

During this project, curb ramps were upgraded along these streets segments to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act standards in advance of the planned paving activities


This project was made possible with Gas Tax and Measure B funds. Measure B funds are administered by the Alameda County Transportation Commission (Alameda CTC).

Information regarding this and other regional 'Measure B' funded projects can be found on Alameda CTC's website at

Sanitary Sewer Replacement and Repair 2017 ($1.16M)

Throughout the year, routine and specific Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) inspections of the sanitary sewer system are performed.  The inspection data is rated and logged into a database.  Locations where critical defects and distresses are found are listed for development into point repairs, segment replacements or internal liner rehabilitation applications. A number of sanitary sewer lines are located on private property and not always within recorded easements.  Access limitations will be considered when determining the appropriate construction method to complete the work.This project will develop critically listed defects and distresses into optimal repair schemes, design, bid and construct repairs to the existing sanitary sewer collection system.  The database will be updated on completion of the construction work.

This project is funded by Water Pollution Control Plant Enterprise funds


WPCP Asphalt Replacement ($860k)

This project will replace deteriorated site paving at the City’s Water Pollution Control Plant.   

Funding for the project is made possible with City Water Pollution Control Plant enterprise funds.


Project Manager: Mark Goralka





Bancroft/Sybil Signal Improvements Project ($565k)

At the intersection of Bancroft Avenue and Sybil Avenue, this project will add protected left-turn phases (left turn arrows) for three of the four intersection approaches with dedicated left-turn lanes.  The traffic signal hardware will be replaced with new updated and enhanced system, including video detection, emergency vehicle pre-emption, and accessible pedestrian crossing components..  Curb ramps at all four corners were upgraded to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. These upgrades will improve will improve the overall traffic safety and traffic efficiency of the intersection.

Funding for this project is provided through the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) administered by California Department of Transportation (Caltrans).

Project Manager: John O'Driscoll   510-577-3494