Hazard Mitigation Master Plan

Hazard Mitigation Master Plan

 Hazard Plan Mitigation Master Brochure

Hazard Mitigation Master Plan brochure

Hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness have become part of the San Leandro culture and an important aspect of our daily lives. Our commitment to the health and safety of our community has been a leading priority during the last several years; this Master Plan is an example of that commitment. The Master Plan has been a vision of the Disaster Preparedness Council Subcommittee, the Disaster Preparedness Citizens? Advisory Committee, and the Master Plan Committee, and with the support and leadership of the City Council, City Manager's Office and our entire San Leandro community... the Master Plan has become a reality.

The Master Plan is a document that prepares our community and future generations for the potential life threatening emergencies that are prevalent in any community and particularly in the Bay Area. This "road map" is a dynamic plan that becomes our action plan involving the hazard mitigation and emergency preparedness process. We encourage everyone to become involved and join us in the on-going implementation of our Master Plan. Your creative ideas and suggestions continue to make the difference between an ordinary and extraordinary program.

We are quite proud to be part of such a progressive plan and look forward to continuing to serve our City in our on-going efforts to create a Disaster Resistant Community.